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Denver Marijuana Store Tours

In all, the Denver area has in the neighborhood of 200 marijuana stores. Many locals and outside tourists are starting to flock to the area ever since Colorado became the first state in the United States to allow recreational marijuana sales to adults. Yes, that means it is legal. The only requirements is that you be able to prove you are at least 21 years of age. And in terms of purchasing, residents can buy up to an ounce at a time and out-of-state visitors can buy only a quarter-ounce. Because of the increasing popularity, a number of tours have arisen that will guide people through the cannabis scene. There are a wide variety of experiences offered so you will want to research which one will provide you with what you are seeking.

Our recommendation is that you book with one of the many companies that now offer marijuana-themed tours. While offering a variety of services, you can get a sense of what is happening in this burgeoning industry. Almost all of them will take you to one or more marijuana dispensaries. Some of the companies will even offer additional activities like a painting while smoking class, cooking classes, and tours of a grow operation. The cooking classes are just the creative endeavor for many visitors as students get to try such edibles as cannabis-infused gluten-free trail mix, chocolate truffles and pumpkin muffins. A word of warning from the tour guides, the marijuana found in the Denver and greater Colorado area is much more potent than what most people have been used to. So, go easy are the watchwords for the day. An additional benefit of being part of a tour group through one of these companies is most of them offer discounts you can enjoy at the dispensaries.

While your tour is at a marijuana store, feel free to look around not just for smoking products, but for marijuana-infused edibles such as chocolates or candies. First timers are advised to start slow because the effects can come on very slowly. The stores also sell marijuana concentrates like butane hash oil, vaporizers, and more. Keep in mind that public marijuana consumption is prohibited by law and that means in the marijuana retail stores as well. So, if you are looking for a smoking lounge similar to a cigar bar, think again. Consumption is banned in licensed retail outlets as well. But never fear, there are advisers at the dispensaries, known as budtenders, who will guide you through the purchase options and what might be best for your personality. By law, store personnel are not allowed to discuss any potential medical benefits of marijuana. That is why most of the guided tours have a portion of their time dedicated to discussing the medicinal qualities.

Back on the tour bus, many of them give out free samples en route to your stops. They also give our swag in a VIP gift bag which includes the favorite munchie Doritos. Some of the tours combine sightseeing tours of quaint mountain towns, ski resorts with visits to dispensaries. You will be fully informed as to the present state of affairs and where the rapidly evolving industry is headed. You will learn about the law and the properties of the substance which is now legal. As you roll, they keep the lighting mellow and the music easy going. Usually, there is some form of a question and answer period at the end of the tour. And depending on the tour you choose, some of them will drop you off at luxurious cannabis-friendly accommodations. And if you do not want your tour to end, no problem. Many of the tour operators offer multiple day excursions.

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