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Can we drink on the bus?
You're certainly allowed to drink on the bus if you're of legal drinking age!

Do you provide alcohol?
We are unable to provide alcohol for you. But you are allowed to drink on board if you're of legal age so just bring whatever you'd like with you!

Can we smoke on the bus?
No, we don't allow for smoking on any of our vehicles.

Are there restrooms on your buses?
Unfortunately, we don't supply restrooms on our vehicles because they end up smelling bad. We'll be happy to stop for you, though!

Can we stop to pick someone up?
Yes! Your trip comes with unlimited stops and mileage.

How far can I travel during my rental?
Anywhere within our service area (which is huge)! As stated above, your rental includes unlimited stop and mileage, so as long as you're within your rental time we can go anywhere!

Are your limousines safe?
Absolutely! They're known for being safe because they're maintained on a regular basis, as well as insured.

What's the difference between a limousine and limo bus?
A limo bus offers more room and features than a limousine, whereas a limousine offers an elegant appearance.

Do we have to pay for fuel?
No! Your fuel is included in your price.

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