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Westminster Bars & Restaurants

Bender's Bar & Grill
Planning to go on a bender with Limo Denver in Westminster? Haha! Well then you've certainly got to check out Bender's Bar & Grill! Breakfast and brunch are the prime times to be there, with such delicious delights as their famous eggs bene! Though this is primarily a sports bar, they really go all out with their brunch, and that's why so many of our Limo Denver customers go there at that time. In the evenings you'll enjoy watching sports on TV, noshing on yummy burgers, and downing good stiff drink after good stiff drink! Very affordably priced here too! 10710 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020, (303) 974-5215.

Lodo's Bar & Grill
Lodo's Bar & Grill is one that Limo Denver could never forget. Westminster area customers ask us to take them there all the time, and our professional chauffeurs are so familiar with it that you'll scarcely need to provide them an address. Though this is a sports bar, they take the time to keep it sparkling clean here, and it's just such a great ambiance in which to watch that big game. They've got all your favorite sports bar comfort food, but do you know what else they've got? Enticing options like teriyaki glazed salmon with egg rolls! Now we're talking. Don't miss this one. 3053 W 104th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031, (303) 635-8025.

The Rear Inn Lounge
The Rear Inn Lounge is one of the greatest dive bars around, and if you're seeking a smart little party spot for even your biggest Limo Denver groups in Westminster, this is the one! You will not believe how low-low-low the prices are here! We were shocked. They've got karaoke here too and it seems that the local area is just packed with talented folks who really belong on the stage. If you're in the mood to watch the game on television, this is your spot, and they've even got a beautiful outdoor seating area in case you'd rather escape into the outside world! 4991 W 80th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030, (303) 426-4500.

Kachina is a lovely Mexican restaurant that is as unique as it is charming. They've got many different types of seating areas within, so you can really find the perfect space in which to sit, drink, eat, mingle, and party with your Limo Denver groups. An absolute Westminster gem, this Mexican restaurant is known for their Navajo tacos and their dessert beignets! The people who work here are incredibly friendly, making you feel like you're reuniting with family rather than just hanging out at a restaurant. Charming ambiance and clean atmosphere. We can't recommend this one highly enough! 10600 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020, (303) 410-5813.

Bar Louie
Bar Louie! Oh, what can we tell you about this one that you don't already know? Everybody loves this place and we're sure that you do too. If nothing else, you must know that this is a superb after-work destination, to grab a good stiff drink and perhaps some pizza or burgers. They've got so much space here that it's pretty much a no-brainer for your large Limo Denver groups or for anyone's large celebration. There's a lot to keep you busy here too, including plenty of televisions and pool tables. Let's not forget to mention the bruschetta and the pizza! Too delish! 10661 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020, (720) 214-3300.

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