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Denver Wedding Venues

When searching for a wedding venue, there is much to consider. The Denver area is one of the most beautiful in the entire country and provides for those getting married a wide variety of venues. One thing that you will want to be wary of is not to fall in love with a place just because it looks immaculate and like a palace. A lot of venues count on stunning you with a magical look, but we suggest that you take your time and do some research while you analyze many details. That way, in the end, you can at least say you made an informed decision. Here are some key things to consider when you go out looking for your wedding venue.

Start by listing out some area venues that you have personally experienced that seem to be real possibilities. Talk to your family and close friends, even coworkers and get recommendations. Check online and look at the pictures of venues that seem to fit what you are looking for. After you have your list, call each potential venue and ask them if they have your wedding date available. If they do, setup a time that you can take a tour and discuss the possibilities.

When you show up at the venue, have some information with you like the number of guests who will be coming, the colors of your wedding, and whether you are having a DJ or a live band. As you take your tour, start asking yourself questions about the d├ęcor. Does it fit your wedding style and colors? Is the place structurally appealing or will it take a lot of decorations to cover up a lot of problems? Also, if you are interested in having both your ceremony and reception at the venue, ask if this is possible.

You will want to talk about food. Some venues have an in-house caterer. If this is the case, you will want to check out sample menus they have provided for past weddings and even setup a tasting so you can be sure the caterer is capable of providing tasty and quality food. If you are interested in bringing in your own caterer, ask if this is an option and how much it would cost. Some venues will charge you a premium to bring in outside vendors. You want to be aware of this. Also, talk about alcohol. Ask if you can bring your own because this can be a huge money saver if it is possible.

There are also little things to ask about that a lot of people don't often think of. Do they provide a coat check? Are their adequate bathroom facilities? Is there enough space for your group's tables and chairs, a dancing area, and your live band or DJ? Is the venue wheelchair accessible? Are there adequate parking spaces for the number of guests you are expecting? All of this information is important to know.

Last but not least you want to discuss cost. Go over their packages, one may fit you perfectly. If not, find out if you can mix and match or insert something that you really want into one particular package. Ask if there are are hidden fees. Some venues demand a minimum cost that must be met. If you are on a budget and they tell you that the venue is a minimum $20,000, then that may make your decision right there whether this venue will still be on your list.

Once you have all of this information, you will want to sit down and carefully go over each and every one and do side by side comparisons. Cost is obviously a factor for most people, but we suggest taking a holistic approach and if one venue rises to the top in every category but cost but the price isn't out of this world, it might be something you can live with. Remember, there is no perfect venue, but we hope this helps you find the best one for you.

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