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Denver Wedding Tuxedos

We know that the bride is going to look stunning on her wedding day. But what about the groom? You may not be able to match the bride, but there is no reason that you cannot look your best. And of course, your look all starts and stops with what you wear. Most people think that a tuxedo is a tuxedo, that they are all alike. But that is not true. There are many styles and types to choose from and many tuxedo shops around, especially in the Denver area. And we want to help you with your choice. So, we have come up with a few tips below that we believe will put you in the perfect wedding wear for your special day.

There are a few questions you will want to consider before you ever step foot inside a tuxedo shop. You may not have answers nailed down to each before you go to some shops, but its worth knowing which way you lean beforehand. Look around online or in magazines and ask yourself what style of tuxedo you gravitate to. Do you want to rent or purchase? What color do you prefer? And we realize this question will require the bride's input. And do you want the groomsman's outfits to be different from yours?

When it comes to deciding whether you should rent or buy, think this over very carefully. Ask yourself how many events you see yourself going to from your wedding day into the future in a tuxedo. If you are a move and a shaker and will be attending a number of very formal events over the next few years, then by all means, purchase a nice tuxedo. But one word of warning here, if you buy, buy a very traditional style of tuxedo so that it will still be in style years down the road. If you don't see yourself wearing a tuxedo again even, then we suggest renting. When you rent, it will cost you about a third of what you would spend to purchase a tuxedo.

In terms of color, it would probably be best to have your bride with you when you visit various tuxedo shops. You are going to want her input on this because if you don't and you end up getting something that does not mesh with her dress, you may not be getting married after all. You want to know the color of her wedding dress when you go. Is it a bright white or off-white? Have her bring a sample as you will want to make sure that your vest and tie match the dress. It is also not a bad idea to take your wedding colors with you into each store.

It is a brave new wedding world in some ways. Years ago, all groomsmen would always wear exactly what the groom wore. Today, things are very different. Oftentimes, the groom has on a very unique tuxedo, vest and tie in contrast to what his groomsmen are wearing. Once you have all of these questions decided and out of the way, you will want to choose the store that had the tuxedo that best fit your needs in every way while not breaking your budget.

We recommend visiting stores that your friends and family have been to and had a great experience at. Once you have made your choice, you will need to schedule a group fitting for you and your wedding party. Call the shop about a month before the wedding date to verify everything is ready for pickup. Normally, the store will call you for a time to come in and try on your tuxedo. This allows for any adjustments that need to be made. One last thing, if the shop doesn't mention it, ask about your one free rental because you brought your wedding party there. This is normal practice. Then, it is up to you who gets the freebie. At this point, you are ready to say I do.

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