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It is one of the most overlooked parts of a wedding. You worry about the caterer because you want the food to be amazing, you go on an intense search for your photographer because you want the special moments preserved, and you spent all of that time looking for a great venue because you wanted all of your guests to sit in comfortable surroundings at your reception. But when it comes to finding a wedding officiant, you really haven't given it much thought. Consider this carefully because this is going to be the person leading you through the most important words you have ever and will ever speak. In the Denver area, there are many candidates that could make you happy. Below, we have provided some things you need to know about wedding licenses and some tips as to how to go about finding your wedding officiant.

In terms of your marriage license, you will want to make sure you understand what the requirements are in your state in order to obtain a wedding license. In Colorado, in order to apply for a marriage license, you will each need a government issued ID such as your driver's license, visa, passport, state or military ID and your social security card. You do not have to be a resident of Colorado. It will cost you a minimum of $10. If you were married before, you will be required to bring your divorce decree. Once you have this in hand, it is time to move onto finding someone to perform your wedding.

How do you go about finding someone who can legally officiate your wedding? A lot of people don't realize that they have the option of having a friend or relative preside over their wedding. A person can become an ordained minister online. It is really not that difficult at all and this option is very appealing to those who want to personalize their ceremony experience. Another option is to use a minister you are familiar with. It may be your church pastor or one that you find in your area. A word to the wise here, if you want to have a Catholic wedding, it must be performed in a Catholic church. And yet another option is to enlist the services of a justice of the peace from your local county clerk's office.

To help you decide what kind of officiant you want for your wedding, ask yourself the following questions. You must decide on whether its important for you to have a religious ceremony or not. If you do decide that you want a religious ceremony, you will want to start searching for a member of the clergy that belongs to your particular faith. If you and your fiance are of different faiths, you need to find out if there is an individual that will blend the two or if you need two different officiants. And keep in mind that some clergy will not perform a wedding outside of a specific house of worship. You will want to find this out sooner rather than later. Also, talk about whether you are alright if a man or a woman presides over your wedding.

In terms of the actual ceremony and the chain of events, talk out what you and your fiance would like to have said at the ceremony other than the normal statements. Talk this over with any potential candidates. On the other hand, make a list of the things you have seen in past weddings you have been to and make sure your potential officiant is alright with pulling that if it is something they normally do. If you are interested in saying your own vows, make sure the officiant knows this so they can plan for them and ask them if they can help you with writing them if you feel that you need it.

How much will an officiant cost you? It is usually a set fee. A lot of the fee is determined by how complex the ceremony becomes but you can expect the officiant to cost you anywhere between $300 and $600. If you have a religious ceremony, this is more than reasonable because the minister will usually spend time with you n a couple of counseling sessions, will be at the rehearsal, and will spend a good part of the day with you on your wedding date. We hope this helps guide you to an officiant that you will be more than satisfied with on your special day.

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Distinctive Program and Ceremony Design and Facilitation for Moments that Matter in Business, Social and Private Events

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--Custom ceremonies offered for blended families or differing faith systems with special wording that uniquely reflects you.
--Fees include detailed and supportive help in guidance to your related wedding needs, such as florists, photographers, cake bakers, venues, rental accommodations. | | 970-389-5795

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