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Denver Wedding Bands (Not to be confused with wedding rings...)

In the grand scheme of things, when planning a wedding, oft overlooked is what form of music you are going to have played for you and your guests. You can trust us in saying that your choice of music is one that will be the determining factor in whether or not your reception is a resounding success, or if it will go of with an unenthusiastic thud. Understandably, a lot of people choose to go the "DJ" route. But, we'd like to let you know that there's something special about having live music played by a talented group of musicians. It adds an unmeasurable ambiance to the general feel of your reception that cannot be undervalued. Now, how to pick the right band for you and your guests? You'll find that there can be quite a bit of footwork involved on your end. You will need to be committed to your search, and have faith that your efforts will lead you in the right direction if you are willing to hang in there during the process.

Most couples when confronted with the problem of finding a band for their wedding, can rely on a few different sources to come up with potential names. Obviously, word of mouth can be huge when seeing a service like a musical band. As you friends and family if they have heard any live bands they think might work out in playing for your wedding. Start a written list. First hand knowledge is another possible source. If you have heard a band somewhere that you could not stop raving about, put their name on the list. You can also do a Google search for wedding bands in the Denver area. This will provide you with a pretty long list, but we suggest you go past the first couple of pages of results to ensure you're getting a full list of potential candidates. Another way to find potential bands that may cost a bit more, but the end result may work out better, is to hire a booking agent that specializes in groups that play for weddings.

Another measure you can employ to ensure good results, is to seek out your potential wedding band testimonials. Find reviews of past customers if possible. Find out what they liked about a potential candidate and how they were to work with. You want to find out for example, if the band is high maintenance or do they aim to please for an event like yours. When you have your list pared down to 3 or 4 bands, find out if they have any videos of their performances. We've found that there is no replacing a live performance to gauge whether or not a band may be the right choice for you

When you meet with the band or their representatives, have a list of questions that will help you decide if this is the group for you or not. Ask them to have pictures and video available so you can check out how they perform to a live audience. Talk to them about the itinerary for the ceremony and see if when you want them to play is alright with them. For example, some couples wan the band to play only after dinner, but some want live music playing all throughout the ceremony. Is the band willing to be the emcee during all of the events that are going to take place during the reception? If this was something you were counting on them taking care of and you have no backup plan, you will want to listen to their answers very carefully.

As a couple, you will want to determine what your budget is for the wedding band that you hire. Then, you can pare down your search by ascertaining which bands are within your budgetary constraints. If you have the flexibility, keep in mind the price may be lower during low demand times like the winter or during the week (but there's no guarantee of this.. after all, they do still have families to feed themselves). If a band has been playing wedding for any length of time, they will probably offer packages. Analyze these very carefully and make sure everything that you want from the band that you hire is included in the package that is appealing to you.

Bands usually get multiple breaks if they are playing for most of the reception. Make sure you find out if they will have recorded music to play during the breaks. Another key questions is whether the band is willing to take requests from your guests. Most experienced, well rounded bands should be able to handle this. In addition, if you have a special song you would really like to hear at your reception, ask them if they are willing to learn a specific song if you provide the sheet music. You want your experience for the evening to be as personalized as possible so any band you consider should be willing to work with you if they are going to be a prime candidate for hiring. One last thing, ask your potential band how much they know about setting up the sound equipment for various room sizes because acoustics and amplification can absolutely create a wonderful listening experience or a horrible one.

Pay attention to the details and you will be the most satisfied when you find yourself sitting at your reception listening to the live music. Check out some of our recommendations below:

The Ricardo Peña Band (also known as: Milestone) is a variety band composed of some of the finest musicians in the state. The band is well known for their impressive musicianship and versatility. Whether they are playing the best of Latin Rock, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Beatles, Salsa, romantic Bolero, Pop, Jazz or Country, their sound is always authentic to the style, their dancing beats impossible to resist, and their vocals and harmonies hard to beat. Colorado audiences are always amazed to hear this level of musicianship in a "local" band! The standard band line up is a 5 piece band composed of drums, bass/vocal, guitar/vocal, piano/vocal and vocalist/percussionist. They also perform as larger ensembles that include Latin percussion and a horn section. Ricardo Peña can perform as a solo act or a variety of line ups up to an 11 piece band to suit your budget. The band is equally comfortable performing concerts, corporate events, private parties and weddings and they are sure to make your event unforgettable!

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