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Denver Wedding Invitations

It all starts with a question: will you marry me? Most of the world then learns about the answer via a beautifully crafted and printed invitation. There are some things you will want to know before you start your search for quality invitations. Once you do, take your time in creating exactly what you want to see. It will seem like a huge learning curve at first, but becoming knowledgeable about the process and your needs will go a long way in helping you to produce some amazing invitations. And that is the end goal. So, pay attention to the tips we have provided and you can't go wrong in ordering your wedding invitations in the Denver area.

The first thing you will want to do is nail down your wedding style. Your invitation is more than just a medium to tell your guests your wedding date, time, and place. It also gives your guests a window into what type of wedding you are going to be having. Just by looking at your invitation, your guests should know if your wedding is going to be classy, glamorous, modern, or something else. It is very important to know your style before you start putting an invitation together so that you can make sure it reflects that style. You also want to know your wedding colors so you can incorporate them into the invitation as well.

You also want to decide what size you want your invitation to be. Nowadays, people are experimenting more and more with various shapes like circular, oval, and more. If you really feel like doing this, fine, but we recommend that you keep the envelope to the standard size so as not to increase your postage cost. When designing the invitations, make sure that no matter how cutting edge you might get, the text is still the most important thing on them. So, pay attention to legibility. We suggest that you avoid light ink on light backgrounds or dark ink on dark backgrounds. If you are going to a local stationery store, work with them on these issues. And avoid fonts that are hard to read.

When it comes to the wording, make sure sure that you know the standard rules of putting together a wedding invitation. For instance, whoever is hosting should be listed first on the invitation. Also, it is custom to spell out everything including the time of the ceremony. Look at numerous wedding invitation samples and read about all of the customary traditions. Avoid trying to say too much on the invitation. The more you get on the invitation, the busier it looks and the harder to read. We recommend that you limit your invitation to the following information: ceremony time and location, the hosts, the couple's names, and RSVP. When looking to include the directions to the venues and details about the reception, you can have these printed on separate enclosure cards or on a wedding website that you put up.

In terms of the RSVP information, make sure that those you are inviting have a deadline of three to four weeks after they receive their invitation. You want to keep things timely for a number of reasons. Your cost to produce wedding invitations can really vary. Usually broken down into a per invite cost, they can range from $1 to $100. There are so many factors that determine this: design costs, color ink, printing, envelope liners, and multiple enclosures just to name a few. Some people even hire a calligrapher which of course can add quite a bit to the cost. You will want to decide who you want to address your envelopes. Some people try to address these themselves, but it usually turns out to be a disaster. We suggest you have a professional do these.

You should be sent a proof before you do any ordering. Make sure you go over this numerous times. Then have family and friends go over it as well. When you are satisfied, order the number of invitations that will be enough for all of your guests plus 25 extra just in case. At the same you order your invitations, order the rest of your printing needs like menu cards, programs, and thank-you notes. This should save you money. Before you send your invitations off, we suggest that you have one weighed at the post office. This way, you will know how much postage to place on each one and you won't have any returned because of insufficient postage. We hope these tips help you with your wedding invitation details.

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