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You want your wedding to be memorable. And not just to you and your fiance, but for your guests. The way to make sure that happens is to make sure that there is amazing entertainment and awesome food. There is such a wide variety of food. We have all been to receptions where the chicken was rubbery and the green beans tasted like wax. What you need to make sure this does not happen to you is to hire a professional, quality caterer. We warn you ahead of time, you are going to have to possibly check out a lot of caterers to find the right one for you. There are some amazing caterers in the Denver area, but your question is where. That is what we are here to help you with. We have put together some tips that we believe will lead you to the caterer of your dreams. Don't skip a step, but be methodical and follow this path. If you do, you will find yourself and your guests smiling from ear to ear between bites.

Start making a list of caterers that you want to check out more thoroughly. If you have been to a wedding recently, maybe you really enjoyed the food. Or maybe a friend or family member can recommend something they have experienced. When you have a pretty good list started, call up each one. After asking them they have your wedding date available, find out when a good time to meet and discuss your wedding would be. The time you spend with them will be part interview and part taste testing.

During your meeting, ask them if they could show you some sample menus they have put together for past wedding clients. Be upfront about your budget. They will ask you how many guests will be coming to your wedding. Talk about things they can do to help you stay within your budget numbers. Make sure you ask them to provide at least five references. Follow through by talking to each reference about their experience with the caterer. Check off some of the menu items that they showed you and mention to them that you would like to do a taste testing on those items. It doesn't take any special expertise to know whats good and what is bad. If the food is not that great, cross them off of your list. If it is great, then keep talking.

Talk about flexibility with their menus. Are they wedded to certain pairings or can you pick and choose from their lists at will? Can you ask that a special family dish or two be part of the menu? If they can't accommodate you, it is time to say goodbye. Do they do more than one wedding on the same say and if they do, will your date be one of those that they do. Take this very seriously. We recommend looking for a caterer that will be able to commit to you and you only on your big day. Talk about experience, the last thing you want is to hand your wedding catering needs over to a newbie..How many weddings have they done in the last year?

Can they provide other services like a wedding cake? Are set-up and cleanup costs included in your overall price? Do you have to pay a gratuity or is that included? What about items like linens, tables, chairs, plates, etc. Do they provide these or if not, will they coordinate with your reception venue? Another key question to ask is if you can bring your own liquor. Sometimes its much cheaper if you can do this. Another detail to ask about is whether they will provide food for your various vendors like your photographer, videographer, band, etc. The more questions you ask like this, the more information you will have to weigh who might be the best caterer for you for the price. And speaking for price, make sure they break down the price by line items. When you go home with all of your information you have gathered from each caterer, take your time and weigh each factor carefully. There will be one or two that you should like over the rest. Remember, price is a huge factor but its not more important than the food itself. If you end up with two and one has exception food over the other, great food should always win every time.

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