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Thornton Bars & Restaurants

TGI Friday's
TGI Friday's has has a special place in our hearts for decades now, but we can vouch for the fact that our modern Limo Denver customers in the Thornton area dig it just as much as we do! It's affordably priced and very large in size, so you can fit your largest party bus groups in there without any problems. They have a huge menu of delightful American favorites that you'll enjoy noshing on, and the specialty drinks and beers are very good too. Superb service and just a great time out in this area! You'll find this Limo Denver fave at 1251 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 and you can call them up at phone number (303) 920-9128.

Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse is a hearty slice of Texas right here in Colorado! This excellent steakhouse and barbecue restaurant is the kind of place where you and your group will feel right at home, chowing down on generously sized portions that don't cost an arm and a leg! The bar is possibly the best place to sit, watching the game on TV and enjoying good stiff drinks. They're known for those delectable cinnamon butter rolls, so don't skip them! Great sweet tea too, and we love the rattle snake bites. Mmm! This Limo Denver gem is found at 10310 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80229 and you can reach them easily at phone number (303) 255-3454.

Vietnamese Cafe
If you're more in the spirit for something exotic, Vietnamese Cafe is an excellent option for you. The only complaint we've ever had about this spot is that the parking can be difficult, but that's a total non-issue when you're on the road with Limo Denver, and you might as well take advantage of the fact that you'll be dropped off and picked up right at the door! The combo noodle bowl is a top recommendation and we'd also steer you to the pork chop platter without a moment's hesitation. The curry is just superb too! Vietnamese Cafe is found at 3744 E 104th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 and you can call them at telephone number (303) 255-8555.

United Chinese Restaurant
When you're craving some great authentic Chinese food in the Thornton area, why not check out United Chinese Restaurant? It's a really beautiful place to dine and drink, with gorgeous decor including a koi pond. Our top recommendations for your meal are the almond boneless chicken, the sesame chicken, and any one of their shrimp dishes. If you love Chinese soup, the egg drop soup is the one to try. As a bonus, they have a really delicious sushi here, bringing in a touch of Japan just for the heck of it. United Chinese Restaurant can be found at 4150 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241 and you can reach them at phone number (720) 977-8888.

Olive Garden
We've always felt that Olive Garden was underrated, and our Limo Denver customers seem to agree, at least when it comes to this location in the Thornton area! Sure, it's a chain, but it's beautiful and they have delicious food! The bar area is particularly pleasant here, but no matter where you sit you'll feel comfortable and enjoy attentive service. We love the salads and the soups the best, not to mention the famous pasta dishes, and the cake on your birthday is absolutely delish! You can find this Olive Garden location right here in the Thornton part of Limo Denver's service area at 1151 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233 and you can always reach them at phone number (303) 450-9528.


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