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North Washington Bars & Restaurants

If you still haven't had the pleasure of spending an evening at Bookbar, an ideal time to do so would be with your Limo Denver crew on your upcoming trip in North Washington. It's not a huge place but they have the biggest selection of books that they could possibly cram in there, and if they happen not to have what you're looking for, they will be more than happy to order it for you. The seating is very comfy-cozy, and there's nothing better than browsing the books while you enjoy a nice glass of wine with your good friends. This place is designed to spark conversation and it certainly does! If you're not in the mood for a beer, you can stop in for coffee or tea or a deliciosu pastry! You'll be able to find this one at 4280 Tennyson Street in Denver and you can call them at phone number 720-443-2227.

Ernie's Bar & Pizza
Ernie's Bar & Pizza is really a special place in the North Washington area. Ernie's bar is located at 2915 West 44th Street in Denver. It's got the coolest ambiance of any place around, with lots of bar style seating, a gorgeous main dining room, some smaller party rooms that you may make use of, and a beautiful patio to boot! There are tons of televisions scattered throughout the restaurant and bar so that you will never have to go without a good view of the game. But of course the real draw is the incredible pizza! Whether you order a plain cheese pizza or a pizza loaded with toppings, you'll love the flavor, but the fettuccine Alfredo is delicious! You'll want to try everything on the menu. You can call them at 303-955-5580.

Zephyr Lounge
Zephyr Lounge is located at 11940 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora. This is an amazing bar with a great atmosphere and they offer amazing food and drink. There's a lovely outdoor patio you can enjoy in the warmer months, but we love the interior, too. Zephyr has amazing sea food, including fish tacos, but they also have great desserts, like the apple pie a la mode! For fun they host different thinks every night, live music, trivia nights, sports night, and different happy our specials on food and drink! You can get in touch with them by calling 303-455-9991.

My Brother's Bar
Perhaps the most perfect pub and burger joint is My Brother's Bar, located very conveniently at 2376 15th Street in Denver. This bar is super old fashioned, and is really a must-visit for the retro lovers out there, especially with the original cash registers and old wooden bar. If you're from the North Washington or Denver area, you probably already know that this is a bit of a local landmark. If you're not from around here, you'll want to spend some time chatting it up with the bartender about just what makes this place so special. The menus aren't huge but they're well chosen, both for food and drinks. The mini corn dogs, the burgers and fries, the jalapeƱo poppers, and the soft pretzels - it's all good! You can get in touch with them by calling 303-455-9991.

The Cruise Room
The Cruise Room is a trendy and modern kind of place, a cocktail lounge and martini bar where you and your friends will really have a great time during your North Washington trip. Whether you're in a smaller Limo Denver group or a larger one, they'll make room for you, and you will feel right at home. The bar is enormous and the lighting really gets you in the mood to party. We love the ambiance and Art Deco style and the jazz music. The juke box is actually only stocked with vintage tunes, so you won't be able to escape the era... and why would you want to? Find this one at 1600 17th St, Denver, CO 80238 or you can reach them at 303-825-1107.

The 1-Up
The 1-Up is a great choice if you and all your Limo Denver friends are '80s babies or just wish you were! Both arcade and bar under one roof, you will enjoy playing all your favorite retro games and even indulging in a little giant Jenga while you're there! There's a ton of games, so a night out here is seriously so much fun. But it's not just about the gaming here, they also have amazing food. The burgers are the best and we can't get enough of the fries, but don't be afraid to be a little more adventurous when perusing the menu. Everything is good. This one's located at 1925 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202, very convenient for our North Washington area travelers. Phone number 303-779-6444.


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