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Lakeside Bars & Restaurants

The Arvada Tavern
One of Limo Denver's very top recommendations for the Lakeside area is The Arvada Tavern. This is a true old school cocktail bar and lounge with the classic ambiance that you would expect and the high quality food that you could have really gotten back in the day. If you're wondering how they've perfected such an old school feel, it's probably because they've been around since the 30s! You get here by heading to 5707 Old Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada. While it's a great place to drink, they also have some delicious food! Some of our favorites include the ribeye steak, the chicken schnitzel, the green chile, and of course the mac and cheese! And we just adore the secret passage to get upstairs. Gotta see that for yourself! And whatever you do, try the apple Strudel with home made whipped cream! Call them for info at telephone number (303) 690-6269.

Freshcraft has gotten a lot of rave reviews from our clients in the Lakeside area in recent months, and that's why we thought to include it on our recommendations here. We like how they've got the bar on one side of a long wall and the booths on the other, sort of old school bar and/or diner style! Very unique and different from most places nowadays. The food is just out of this world, including the chicken wings that everybody goes wild over! The garlic chili flavor is just out of this world. The cheese dippers shouldn't be overlooked either, sprinkled with delectable blue cheese... we couldn't love them more! But it's really the fried pickles we always order extra of! Freshcraft's address is1530 Blake Street, in Denver and you'll be able to call them up at telephone number (303) 758-9608.

Linger is really a gem when it comes to comfort food and creative creations in the Lakeside area. Limo Denver customers just love it and we think you should certainly add it on to your limousine itinerary! The ramen is a must - even if you're not a huge ramen fan, you'll like what they have to offer here. The sweet potato waffle fries are something that we've never been able to resist. The chili paneer is something you'll certainly love digging into, and how about that chicken b'stilla? The ginger-chili shrimp is a fave too and how about the red beet hummus plate? If you'd like a drink with your meal, that's no problem because Linger stocks a full bar! Try the Spanish gin and tonic! Find it at 2030 W 30th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 and call them up at telephone number (303) 993-3120.

Ernie's Bar & Pizza
If a pizza place is what you're after in the Lakeside area during your Limo Denver trip, we'll always send you straight to Ernie's Bar & Pizza. You can't beat the delish pizza pies with that incredibly tasty crust and the high quality sauce and cheese, and the fact that it's got such a great bar vibe here just makes it even better! There's an amazing variety of toppings available so you can get the pizza you want, and we're also partial to their calzones! There are lots of televisions scattered around so you won't have to miss the game while you're there. Excellent patio in case your whole group wants to go out and enjoy the sunset or the starlight. At the bar, the drink selection is pretty solid, so have a beer or a cocktail or a glass of wine! We hope you'll get to visit 2915 West 44th Avenue in Denver to experience a night at Ernie's, or call them up at (303) 955-5580.

My Brother's Bar
One cool burger joint and pub that Limo Denver customers request all the time is My Brother's Bar. We love the fact that they've kept all the original hardware here. We're talking about that old fashioned wooden bar and even the old cash registers! You're not going to see that just anywhere nowadays. Not a huge place, but usually big enough to accommodate Limo Denver groups. Their menu is full of some delicious items. Our fave? The Johnny burger with jalapeƱo cream cheese! We always order it with fries and onion rings because we can choose between the two! Mmm! You'll easily find this one at 2376 15th Street in Denver and you can give them a quick call at (303)455-9991.


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