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Foxfield Bars & Restaurants

Fontana Sushi
Fontana Sushi is one of the most amazing places in the Foxfield area for you and your Limo Denver group to get sushi and Japanese fare! We love the refreshing and modern design here, very comfortable in terms of ambiance and very spacious too. They've got these generously sized and gorgeous trays of sushi for you and your group to nosh on, including a ton of great specialty rolls as well as all your classic favorites. We really enjoy the nigiri here, including the salmon roe and the octopus. So fresh! You can find Fontana Sushi at 19741 E Smoky Hill Rd, Centennial, CO 80015 and you can get in touch with them easily at telephone number (303) 680-8080.

Dad & Dudes Breweria
Dad & Dudes Breweria has made a big splash with our Limo Denver customers in the Foxfield area. The handcrafted beer is what it's all about here... or wait, is it all about the amazingly delicious pizza? In fact, the name Breweria is a combination of brewery and pizzeria, so we'd say the honors can be evenly distributed! Both are just delish. The selection of beer is small but well chosen and exceptionally well made. The Dude fries are just amazing and we love the pepper jack mac and cheese. Open til 1 every night, great for your late night outings! You can find Dad & Dudes Breweria at 6730 S Cornerstar Way, Aurora, CO 80016 and you can reach them at telephone number (303) 400-5699.

Monsoon Cuisine of India
Monsoon Cuisine of India is an impressive one located in the Foxfield vicinity, very much ideal for your travels around here with Limo Denver. They've got a rum chai here that we're so in love with, it's what comes to mind first when we think of this establishment. The naan is particularly delicious here and we absolutely adore the chicken tikka masala. The fact that this is a locally run non-chain restaurant only makes it more of a must-visit for us. Very highly recommended to you and yours when out and about with Limo Denver in this area! You'll be able to find Monsoon Cuisine of India at 24107 E Commons Ave, Aurora, CO 80016 and you can call them up at phone number (303) 627-5444.

Parkway Bar & Grill
Parkway Bar & Grill keeps it simple and classy, and our Limo Denver customers really appreciate it that way. The neighborhood vibe will conjure up memories of watching Cheers, and you'll soon find yourself wishing that this was your neighborhood if it isn't! They're expanding into the space next door too, so next time you visit you might just find even more of that sports bar ambiance that you love so much. Faves on the menu are chicken fried steak and the rib eye. Open til 12 most nights, 2 on Fri-Sat, and 11 on Sun. You'll be able to find the wonderful Parkway Bar & Grill at 22775 E Aurora Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80016 and you can call them at phone number (303) 693-6200.

Jim N Nick's Barbeque
Jim N Nick's Barbeque gets lots of attention from our Limo Denver customers in the Foxfield area and we think it's well-deserved. It's very comfortable here, with an inviting ambiance and a huge array of delicious Southern comfort food that will send your tastebuds straight to heaven. The baby back ribs are just so mouth-wateringly good, putting that chain restaurant that's known for them to shame! The brisket sandwiches are our favorite lunch choice. The cheese biscuits are incredible too! You'll be able to visit Jim N Nick's Barbeque at 24153 E Prospect Ave, Aurora, CO 80016 and you can call them at telephone number (720) 274-5300.


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