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Edgewater Bars & Restaurants

Providence Tavern
If you haven't ever been to the Providence Tavern, make time to do it ASAP! This place is amazing! Located at 5280 West 25th Avenue, this is one of the best in Edgewater. The food here is definitely more bar style than restaurant style, but we're not complaining because it's delicious! The Philly cheese-steak sandwich is a popular choice, but we love all their salads from the Caesar to the wedge. They've got a huge array of great classic and modern alcoholic beverages for you to choose from via the full bar as well. With a rotating selection of 14 beers on tap, there's always something new to try! They've really treated our Limo Denver customers with the utmost respect and shown them such a good time, time after time! That's why we recommend them so highly. You can call 303-462-5280 for more information.

Sloan's Bar & Grille
You'll be able to find Sloan's Bar & Grille at 5850 West 25th right here in Edgewater, and in the opinion of the Limo Denver crew, this is one of the very best places in the region. Like the previous mention, this is heavy on the bar and light on the restaurant, but on Saturdays and Sundays, their brunch is the most exquisite thing you could ever dream up. The eggs Benedict is the choice for you, absolutely delicious, rich and decadent, just as it should be. The fried shrimp is a popular dish here, and the club sandwiches. Our favorite part of Sloan's is the live music! No matter what you order here, you will be very pleased. Awesome ambiance as well. Call 'em up at telephone number (303) 274-4244!

Edgewater Inn
The location of Edgewater Inn is located in Edgewater, of course, specifically at 5302 West 25th. Without a doubt, this one is deserving of your time when in Edgewater with Limo Denver. Why? Well, the coziness of this place cannot be overstated. Awesome old school booths and tables, delicious pizza and Italian fare that falls easily into the comfort food category, and so much more! We're all about the Howdy Special here, loaded up with sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, hot peppers, and of course their famous house seasoning! They also have amazing calzones, that are enormous and filled with flavor. One of the greatest escapes in Edgewater! If you need to get in touch the inn, you can do so at (303) 233-9892.

GB Fish & Chips
Those traveling with our limo company around here know that they can always head out to 2175 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO 80214 for some of the very best fish and chips in town! GB Fish & Chips could easily fall into the comfort food category, just as with the previous mention. The batter is just amazing here. Purely delicious and never overly greasy. Pair those fish and chips with a nice PBR and you've got a match made in heaven! If you want something a little more unique, opt for the squid and chips! Mmm! That definitely satisfies our seafood cravings! You can reach them (303) 232-2128 if you need additional information.

US Thai Cafe
US Thai Cafe is located at 5228 W 25th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214, and though this is one of the smaller establishments on our list of Limo Denver recommendations, it is definitely one of the best. You might want to call ahead to see if they can fit your larger groups though, or just opt for carryout and enjoy it in the limousine! If you're a lover of retro ambiance, you will really dig the orange and green walls and the old school tables. You'll feel like you just stepped back into the '70s via your time machine! Very cool. Best items here? The drunken noodles and the steamed dumplings! Call them up anytime at telephone number (303) 233-3345.


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