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Cherry Ridge Bars & Restaurants

Bagel Delicatessen & Restaurant
So many of our Limo Denver customers have been really impressed with everything that The Bagel Delicatessen & Restaurant has to offer, we just had to include it on this list of Cherry Ridge recommendations. The Bagel Delicatessen is located at 6439 East Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222. Not only is this one very well equipped to take care of your larger Limo Denver groups, but they also manage to make it really cozy and quaint at the same time. Not an easy task! For us, it's all about the Reuben sandwiches and the brisket breakfast burritos, and we have to give a mention to the Matzah ball soup. And we hope it goes without saying that they have amazing bagels here. Call them up for more information at telephone number (303) 756-6667.

The Castle Bar & Grill
We've heard so many positive things from our Limo Denver customers in Cherry Ridge about Castle Bar! Found at 6657 South Broadway in Littleton, it is all about the burgers, beer, wine, and spirits here! The dive bar ambiance is beyond perfect, very laid back and cool, and yet with really excellent service. Their weekly trivia is plenty of fun and we also enjoy Tuesdays because that's BOGO day/night, time to save half and still have the full amount of fun! We love their fajita tacos, jalapeno cheddar burger, and green chili. The best nights to check this one out though are probably Thursday and Friday when it's really lively and fun. Their phone number 303-798-5981.

Park Burger
Park Burger gets our top recommendation for a burger joint in the Cherry Ridge part of Limo Denver's service area! The address is 1890 South Pearl in Denver. This is a great place to hang out and spend the whole day and night if you like! You'll certainly want to! They have an endless menu of delicious burgers, like the El Chilango burger with guac or the El Mariachi burger that we find just irresistible. The truffle fries are nothing short of amazing, and the loaded fries are a real treat! We cannot get enough of their milkshakes, especially the Heath bar one! Mmm. They have a good selection of beer and wine as well, and as you probably know there's nothing like a cold beer to go with a hot burger. Call this one up at phone number (720) 242-9951.

Patxi's Pizza
3455 S University Blvd, Englewood, CO 80133 houses the wonderful Patxi's Pizza! This is the greatest place around to get some really mouth watering Chicago style pizza in the Cherry Ridge area! Limo Denver customers can't ever seem to forget this place! Affordably priced and even offering on line ordering, they really care about your happiness here! Sitting at the bar is an absolute joy and we recommend it if you can fit your group there! Sinking your teeth into those deep dish slices is a joy that's hard to describe with words. Absolutely mouth watering. The pizza is the draw here, but their spinach and artichoke dip is also one of the most popular menu items. You'll be able to get more information at phone number (303) 783-2000.

The Wooden Table
And finally we come to The Wooden Table! This place is located at 2500 East Orchard Road over in nearby Greenwood Village, making it a very convenient for our Cherry Ridge area Limo Denver customers. This is a pricier one but well worth it. Classy, elegant, and even romantic are terms that best describe this restaurant, so if you need a good date night dinner spot this is a solid option. The scallops over crispy baccala cake is a real treat. The duck is fabulous and so is the gnocchi. When it comes to dessert, we would recommend the tres leches cake above anything else, and for a drink, a classic martini! You'll want to note that they close down between lunch and dinner, so call ahead to make sure that you're not popping in at the wrong time! Call them for information or reservations at 303-730-2152.

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