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Applewood Bars & Restaurants

Long Shots Bar & Grill
Who doesn't love a good dive bar? Long Shots Bar & Grill, at 4400 Ward Road in Wheat Ridge, is the kind of place in the Applewood area where you and your Limo Denver friends can really have a great time shooting pool and whiling your time away while you sip ice cold beers and indulge in great conversation. The dive bar vibe here is unmistakable and most of our customers really enjoy it. They don't have a ton of staff here and yet they manage to keep things running really smoothly. Definitely one of the best dive bars in the Applewood area and that says a lot! If you need to reach them, you can do so at 303-403-0227.

Providence Tavern
Located at 5280 West 25th Avenue in Edgewater, Providence Tavern is a popular place in Applewood area. This is the kind of place that's just overflowing with bar fare favorites for you to choose from, including some of the tastiest burgers and fries anywhere in Applewood! The happy hour soft pretzel is a warm snack that you just can't beat, and their breakfast burrito is outstanding and it's our favorite local place to start the day. They also have delicious tacos and incredible pizzas! There's a little bit of everything here, so your whole group is sure to love it. The drink selection is impressive too and everything is good and strong. Provident is actually of the newer additions to the area, which is a prime reason to visit in and of itself, but we really hope that it's going to stick around for years to come. Really a great one! Their phone number is 303-462-5280.

Teller's Taproom & Kitchen
Over at 1990 Youngfield in Lakewood is where you'll find Teller's Taproom & Kitchen. This is a nice traditional American bar that is locally famous for their breakfast and brunch options. While we've heard good things about their breakfast and brunch, what we can vouch for personally is that they have absolutely amazing fish and chips and a portabella burger that will satisfy your tastebuds any day of the week! THe French onion soup is another of our favorites. The fried Brussels sprouts with aioli are incredible. Mm-mmm good! The drink selection is impressive and everything is always served icy cold and stiff, never watered down. Could not love this place more. For dessert try the strawberry cheesecake! If you need to reach them, you can do so at 303-237-1002.

The Arvada Tavern
The Arvada Tavern, located at 5707 Old Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada, is a classic cocktail bar and restaurant and is actually a local legend, having been established in 1933 and holding the area's oldest liquor license! The interior feels like a throwback to the '80s, but not in the cheesy way that some would mean that... if you lived it, you know what we mean. The vintage beer signs definitely contribute to that vibe and we just can't get enough of it. We're in love with all of the steaks that they serve here and we can't get enough of their specialty cocktails and happy hour prices. Some of the friendliest bartenders and waitstaff in town really make this one a top priority when it comes to your Limo Denver itinerary for Applewood! They newly remodeled ballroom is a lovely place to go dancing or host an event. You can always reach them via phone to make reservations at 303-690-6269.

Kazoku Sushi
We couldn't love Kazoku Sushi more! Kazoku is located at 10665 West Colfax Avenue over in Lakewood. They serve such enormous portions of the most delicious sushi in town, not to mention the fresh sashimi and the wonderful little nigiri bites that will send you to sushi heaven! The mango roll with creamy sauce is a favorite of ours and we absolutely adore the unagi. Can't say enough about the salmon roe nigiri and the spicy salmon rolls too! We also love the spicy tuna rolls and California rolls! And let's not forget the crispy tuna appetizer - we always start with it! Mmm! Wonderful lunch specials as well. This is a clear Applewood favorite for your Limo Denver visits and even trips on your own. You can reach Kazoku Sushi by calling 303-238-1199.

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